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The Neutron Shield Group

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Since 1981, John Caunt Scientific Ltd (JCS) has been involved with the manufacture and supply of neutron shield materials. JCS has strong, historical partnerships in place with key raw-material manufactures of polyethylene based and silicone based materials used in neutron shielding applications. In 2006 JCS brought the engineering capability of sheet HDPE and boron doped HDPE to the UK and has had considerable success in providing engineered solutions to meet a wide variety of neutron shielding applications.

In more recent years, JCS has formed a strategic partnership with an specialist installation company and shielding design / modelling products to provide turn-key solutions for radiation shielding design, optimisation, manufacture and installation.

Promoting itself as the Neutron Shield Group, this partnership is interested in co-promoting each other’s capability as a stand-alone concern, and collectively is able to offer key elements of any radiation shielding design and implementation process.

Furthermore, they help to deliver transformative and cost effective end-to-end radiation shielding solutions.

Integrating The Core Skills

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The Neutron Shield Group’s task is to combine its knowledge and skills of shielding modelling and optimisation, technology and materials with its engineering skills to design, manufacture, install and commission turn-key shielding solutions.

This is a benefit for any size of contract and contractor. With all operations centred at one location, the logistics of co-ordinating and consolidating the work becomes much simplified. The Neutron Shield Group is therefore ideally positioned to amalgamate all individual specialist elements into a common package.

  • Better client / contractor co-operation and understanding
  • Easier communications
  • Fewer packages to run and manage
  • Reduced client project management time
  • Cost optimisation