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Neutron Shielding

Innovative Solutions For Neutron Shielding

Shielding Type

Polyethylene Based Shielding

Pure Polyethylene>>
High purity, high density, high and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. Pure polyethylene neutron shielding is often used as a moderator to slow fast neutrons to thermal energies.
Borated Polyethylene>>
The combination of polyethylene with its high hydrogen concentration and boron makes JCPE5 a very useful neutron shielding material in areas of low and intermediate neutron flux.
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Self-Extinguishing Borated Poly>>
JC207 from is a self-extinguishing borated polyethylene. Ideally suited for use as a neutron shielding material in areas of low and intermediate neutron flux, where there is concern about the level of combustible materials.
Lithium Polyethylene>>
Gamma sensitive radiation detectors used near neutron sources need shielding from both capture gamma-rays and the neutron source.

Flexible Shielding

Borated Flex / Panel Wall Shield>>
High energy accelerators and fusion test facilities can produce high energy neutrons. JC227 Neutron Shield is designed to be fixed to walls, floors and ceilings to reduce activation of concrete and cut down the overall radiation field.
Flex Boron Sheet>>
This is a fire resistant silicon based elastomer containing a high weight percentage of boron. Model JC238 Neutron Shielding is used to attenuate thermal neutrons around irregular shapes.

Castable Shielding

Boro-silicone is a fire resistant, heat resistant, self-extinguishing elastomer which is available for field casting or pre-cast to specification. It is a hydrogen rich neutron shield and will withstand temperatures of up to 205ÂșC for long periods.
Polycast is a dry mix material designed to be cast into closed containers. It is field castable, providing excellent, low cost neutron shielding, with a hydrogen content 6% greater than that of water.
JC277 & JC277-5>>
JC277 and JC277-5 are field castable concrete neutron shields for moderation and thermal neutron absorption. It provides more than twice the hydrogen of ordinary concrete.

Other Shielding

Neutron Putty>>
Neutron putty is non-hardening boron loaded putty with a high hydrogen content. A 25mm thickness of JC261 Neutron Shield will attenuate thermal neutrons by a factor of approximately 105.