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Radiation Shielding

Extensive ranges of Neutron & Gamma Shielding

Neutron Shielding

JCS are able to offer an extensive range of neutron shielding. With standard sizes up to 6m x 2m x 100mm and total elemental boron loading of 5%. Our new sheets are easily machined and cost effective for all neutron shielding applications.

Other specialist neutron shielding includes:

  • Castable materials
  • Flexible sheets
  • Pellets / rods
  • Moderators

Gamma Shielding

  • Lead shielding products
  • Custom Lead Pots / Castles
  • Castable materials
  • lead equivalent products

Frame Left

With all of these we can offer, shielding calculations and installation with trained and approved engineers.

Shielding Services

By interfacing between architects, design teams and Hospital RPAs, we are able to successfully deliver work packages within tighter timescales.

  • Shielding design, optimisation & dose assessment
  • Shielding procurement
  • Manufacture & installation of shielding materials
  • Manufacture & installation of shield doors
  • Supply of radiological dose instrumentation