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Value Added services JCS can offer

Shielding Design

By interfacing between architects, design teams and Hospital RPAs, we are able to successfully deliver work packages within tighter timescales.

  • Shielding design, optimisation & dose assessment
  • Shielding procurement
  • Manufacture & installation of shielding materials
  • Manufacture & installation of shield doors
  • Supply of radiological dose instrumentation

Instrument Design

User defined requirements & early engagement with our customers, in specifying and matching exact detection and measurement needs, has underpinned our development approach.

  • Standard COTS instrumentation
  • Bespoke instrument design
  • Bespoke software design
  • Bespoke system design and integration
  • Customisation of existing instruments
  • Custom software design for existing instrumentation

Radiological Calibration

JCS have linked up with our partners to provide a professional service for the testing and calibration of gamma dose rate and alpha/beta contamination monitors to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

  • Typical turnaround within 3 days
  • Express service available upon request
  • Calibration against a range of isotopes
  • Full range dose rate calibration
  • Testing of instruments to saturation
  • Calibration & repair of neutron monitors