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Intelligent radiation monitor system


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The RMS30 is a versatile, intelligent, dual channel monitor.

Flexibility underpins the operation of the RMS30 where sample time, counting period, alarm thresholds (per probe) can be defined by the operator.

The RMS30 can be portable (battery-powered) or mains-powered, bench or wall-mounted, have variable cable lengths for probes and even a remote alarm module to accommodate a multitude of measurement scenarios.

The design philosophy behind the instrument is to allow the operator to use a particular probe type (with single or dual channel measurements), or the flexibility to specify a different detector type. The RMS30 allows the operator to define how the probe data is displayed in real-time (sV/h, CPS or rem/h) and also how the data is then stored in the internal memory. All logged data can be accessed via USB to a PC where information is stored in a simple to manage spreadsheet.

The RMS30 is designed to accept a growing number of JCS designed probes and accessories, which will further extend how and where the instrument can be deployed.

Key Features

  • Dual channel input
  • Accepts a variety of JCS designed smart probes
  • Recognises probe-type
  • Supplies correct voltage to all system probes
  • Network Capabilities
  • User defined units: sV/h, CPS / rem/h
  • Displays data (e.g. μSv/h) from 1 or 2 probes
  • Display probe type & serial number on screen
  • Logs data to internal memory for PC retrieval by USB
  • User defined sample times
  • User, supervisor & administrator modes
  • User- defined alarm threshold per channel
  • Internally alarm sounder
  • Displays battery Life
  • Displays/logs alarm events
  • Portable

Extended System

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RMS30 System Probes

The RMS30 operates a growing range of custom designed gamma & neutron probes to suit a wide range of measurement applications. Simplicity and ease of operation underpin our design philosophy and deployment methodology.

Each probe type is immediately identified and displayed by channel and serial number as it is connected to the RMS30 (it is possible to run 2 different probe types in a single measurement session).

Although simple in operation, the RMS30 range of probes and accessories are intelligent in design and function. The communication between the probes and the electronics allows the RMS30 to immediately recognise and enable the attached probe which is optimised for measurement in its particular range.

Probe Specifications

Probe 101

  • Probe: RMS30-101
  • Radiation Detected: Gamma
  • Dose Rate Range: 10 µSv h-1 to 3 Sv h-1
  • Energy Response: 60 keV to 1.25 MeV
  • Sensitivity: 0.125 cps per µSv h-1
  • Size: 116mm x 20mm diameter
  • Cable length: 30m

Probe 102

  • Probe: RMS30-102
  • Radiation Detected: Gamma
  • Dose Rate Range: 3 µSv h-1 to 100 mSv h-1
  • Energy Response: 60 keV to 1.25 MeV
  • Sensitivity: 0.70 cps per µSv h-1
  • Size: 140mm x 24.3mm diameter
  • Cable length: 30m

Probe 103

  • Probe: RMS30-103
  • Radiation Detected: Gamma
  • Dose Rate Range: 100 µSv h-1 to 10 Sv h-1
  • Energy Response: 80 keV to 1.25 MeV
  • Sensitivity: 0.026 cps per µSv h-1
  • Size: 120mm x 24.3mm diameter
  • Cable length: 30m

Probe 104

  • Probe: RMS30-104
  • Radiation Detected: Gamma
  • Dose Rate Range: 1 µSv h-1 to 40 mSv h-1
  • Energy Response: 60 keV to 1.25 MeV
  • Sensitivity: 1.6 cps per µSv h-1
  • Size: 143mm x 27.7mm diameter
  • Cable length: 30m

Probe 106 – Neutron Monitor

Continuing the JCS family of smart probes, the RMS30-106 Neutron Detector measures neutron radiation and calculates the dose rate or count rate, depending on the mode selected. The probe may be operated in in either counts per second or dose rate mode. In dose rate mode the units may be set to either Sv h-1 H*(10) or mrem h-1

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  • Probe: RMS30-106
  • Dose Rate Range – 1 µSv h-1 to 100 mSv h-1
  • Energy Response – Thermal to 14 MeV
  • Sensitivity – 0.72 cps per µSv h-1
  • Linearity – ±10% < 30 mSv h-1
  • Linearity – ±30% > 30 mSv h-1 to 100 mSv h-1
  • Size: Height 240 mm x 208 mm diameter
  • Weight – 5kg
  • Cable length: 30m

The RMS30 Intelligent Monitor – Now with networked management capability

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We are pleased to announce that the RMS30 can now connect to an internal IT network infrastructure, allowing our customers to install the RMS30 and its probes in a strategic locations, while allowing an operator to remotely operate and view the RMS30 live data. This allows the RMS30 to become a simple, yet versatile Low Cost installed area radiation dose monitor with a variety of neutron, gamma and x-ray measurement capabilities.

RMS30-PL1 – Cable Position Indicator

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The RMS30-PL1 Cable Position Indicator is part of a family of smart sensors for the RMS30 Intelligent Monitor. The cable position indicator is used in conjunction with any of the range of RMS30 smart probes, and measures the deployment of cable into storage compartments, bores and other vertical drops. The RMS30 monitor reads the data from the sensor, via the RS485 communications connection, and displays it on the relevant channel pane.

  • Probe: RMS30-PL1
  • Sensor type – Rotary encoder
  • Range – ±99.99m
  • Maximum speed – 2m per Second
  • Resolution – 0.001m
  • Power requirements – Power provided by RMS30 monitor

Alarm Module

The RMS30-AL1 Alarm Box is an externally connected alarm unit with both audio and visual alarm indications. Large LEDs on the front panel provide a clear indication of alarm state. The audio alarm is provided by an industry standard sounder, ASKARI panel process sounders by Fulleon Technology. When activated the sounder is set to a continuous 970 Hz tone.
  • Non-alarm state – Two green LEDS continuous illumination
  • Alarm activated – Two red LEDs flash on and off at 1 Hz rate
  • Sounder (Alarm activated) – 970 Hz continuous tone 90 dBA at 1m
  • Power requirements – 24V supplied by RMS30 Monitor
  • Size: 117mm x 113mm x 56mm