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The NMS017NG3

Hand-held, Portable Neutron Monitor

The John Caunt Scientific NMS017NG3 Neutron Monitor

Key Features

  • Neutron dose rate
  • Accumulated dose
  • Count rate
  • 100 / 300 / 600 second count
  • Variable timer counts accumulated to a max of 999999s
  • Lightest handheld neutron dose equivalence monitor on the market


Tackling compliance challenges of BF3 (Boron triflouride)

The NMS017ng3 is fast becoming the UK standard neutron instrument of choice – deployed at most UK Nuclear Licensed Sites, across the NDA estate and beyond into many other medical, research, industrial and Oil&Gas operations*. Recent ADR regulations (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road 2015) have meant that several nuclear facilities are having to evaluate their use of existing hand-held neutron instrumentation which use BF3 (Boron triflouride) and seek an alternative. We are delighted to have been part of a successful replacement program for several nuclear operations facing such compliance challenges.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you compare the NMS017ng3 against non-compliant BF3 based instruments, local UK supply and support.

*please ask us for more details or references – we’d be delighted to help


The NMS017NG3 is the latest generation of neutron monitor from John Caunt Scientific Ltd. It is a battery powered hand-held neutron survey monitor that provides ambient dose equivalent measurements from thermal to 14MeV neutrons.

The NMS017ng3 uses the NGREM Leake designed detector which has a He3 detector at its core, is the most sensitive REM based neutron instrument in its class and thanks to its new electronics design, is also the lightest REM based neutron dose equivalent monitor – a winning combination of neutron sensitivity, quality and ease of deployment.

This latest neutron monitor incorporates a digital display, while providing a user-friendly visual display of dose rate as well as numeric feedback. The LCD display can be read in all light conditions and has vastly improved the battery life (>120hrs). Measurement modes include dose rate, accumulated dose, count rate and various count and time modes for integrated measurements.

Specification (click to open)

Item Data
Range 0.1 μSvh–1 to 99999μSvh–1
Sensitivity Reference sensitivity is 0.72 cps/μSvh–1
Linearity ± 30%
Energy Response Thermal to 14MeV
Gamma Rejection 3000:1
Display Backlit LCD display. Single range in units of μSvh–1
Detector SP9 3He thermal neutron detector(Tl)
Power Requirements 2x GP GPPCA14AU004 C Ultra Alkaline Battery, 1.5V Nominal Voltage
Battery Life Over 60 hours continuous use with brightness set to minimum
Temperature Operating range -10˚C to +35˚C
Testing and Certification Test Certificates Supplied
Dimensions L: 320mm W: 208mm D: 260mm
Weight 6kg
Transport case dimensions L: 530mm W: 320mm D: 325mm
Weight With NMS017NG3 and batteries 10.8kg