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Radiological Instrumentation

Our Product Range

Multichannel Analysers & Counting Equipment

GMS1800a >>
This Dual Channel Laboratory Counter may be used to count digital pulse signals over a range of user selectable counting periods. It is a compact and robust unit suitable for laboratory or field use.
GMS1800b >>
The GMS1800b Laboratory Counter is a unit which may be used with many common types of Geiger or Scintillator radiation detectors. It provides a variable HT voltage generator and can perform several types of measurement.
Multi Channel Analysers >>
Our new range of compact, digital multi & single channel analysers have been designed from the ground up to set a new standard for plug-on bases. Supplied with our new acquisition software as standard to give you a complete digital measurement solution.
RMS010 – Pulse Shape Discrimination >>
The JCS RMS010 Mixed-Field Analyzer (MFA) is a self-contained digital Pulse Shape discrimination system (PSD) designed for scintillation detectors.
RMS020 – Pulse Shape Discrimination >>The JCS 4 Channel Mixed-Field Analyzer (MFAX4) is a self-contained, 4-channel,digital Pulse Shape discrimination system (PSD) designed for scintillation detectors.

Gamma Monitors

The JCS Active Extremity Dosimeter ED3 >>
The ED3 Active Extremity Dosimeter provides monitoring of Hp(0.07) for betas and gammas on the extremities. In addition, there is a Hp(10) and an uncompensated probe for special applications.
The JCS GMS295 Wide Range Gamma Monitor GMS295 >>
The new GMS295 Ambient Dose Equivalent Gamma Monitor measures a very wide energy range from 30keV to 7MeV, and holds stability of measurement across a very wide dose-rate range of 10nSvh-1 to greater than 1 Svh-1 within a few seconds (H*10 compliant).
The JCS GMS310 Core Gamma Logger GMS310 >>
The GMS310 Core Gamma Logger is a hand held Gamma Spectrometer designed to detect naturally occurring gamma radiation.
The JCS GMS311 Spectral Gamma Logger GMS311 >>
The GMS311 Spectral Gamma Logger is a hand held Gamma Spectrometer designed to detect naturally occurring gamma radiation..
GMS411-t1 GMS411 >>
Designed for the clinical field of Endocrinology, the GMS411 is a 4 probe clinical gamma monitor system used to detect and track the flow of a low energy radionuclide in blood through muscle, fat and blood.
The John Caunt Scientific Intelligent Radiation Monitor - RMS30 RMS30 >>
The RMS30 is a versatile Intelligent Monitor designed to accept, display and log data for up to 2 radiation detectors at a time. The design philosophy behind the instrument is to allow the operator to use a particular probe type (with single or dual channel measurements), or the flexibility to specify a different detector type.

Neutron Monitors

The JCS NMS017NG3 Portable Neutron monitor NMS017NG3 >>
A handheld battery-powered neutron survey instrument ideally suited for field surveys and is over three times more sensitive than other Leake design neutron monitors in use today. The NMS017NG3 can be used for dose rate and dose measurements and for neutron counting in 8 modes of operation.